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List of major topics

Topic #0: material property polymer surface structure nanoparticle particle mechanical liquid crystal phase understanding size control experimental molecular interface behavior design scale

Topic #1: water soil river sediment environmental lake environment transport microbial groundwater stream oil impact nutrient field organic surface coastal contaminant control

Topic #2: science community workshop network technology international national scientific policy issue scientist innovation academic team public impact address global practice focus

Topic #3: health child people life care family patient risk age treatment medical young adult individual social intervention effect population year experience

Topic #4: brain human visual object robot control image robotic neural task movement motion vision memory processing learn cognitive computer environment sensory

Topic #5: atmospheric cloud data aerosol measurement weather solar observation atmosphere field wind climate particle radar space impact satellite plasma global improve

Topic #6: star galaxy telescope astronomy formation observation universe planet black survey hole data gravitational evolution cluster mass observatory astrophysics stellar dark

Topic #7: climate environmental land ecosystem management water impact urban human landscape forest local natural scale spatial region service ecological regional global

Topic #8: genetic population species evolution gene evolutionary variation animal male female behavior individual selection trait test natural reproductive understand insect biology

Topic #9: earth rock mantle mineral volcanic magma eruption data sample crust composition isotope evolution melt volcano geochemical history ridge temperature fluid

Topic #10: climate ice ocean arctic sea record variability year data temperature water antarctic global past core region sheet circulation lake surface

Topic #11: carbon ocean marine organic cycle water nitrogen isotope microbial gas global flux production oxygen impact measurement rate iron atmospheric concentration

Topic #12: instrument acquisition instrumentation facility mass chemistry x-ray analysis spectrometer mrus material nmr laboratory sample student equipment spectroscopy electron science microscope

Topic #13: public american recovery program law reinvestment act science center facility state national scientific ocean institution scientist laboratory marine nsf education

Topic #14: energy fuel gas cell technology membrane production carbon hydrogen renewable heat storage combustion emission chemical power biomass material reduce temperature

Topic #15: social decision behavior individual theory people test experiment effect understand question human influence examine understanding cognitive agent measure choice action

Topic #16: species evolution evolutionary data fossil collection history diversity plant tree specimen biodiversity relationship museum phylogenetic student life human primate conservation

Topic #17: material product industry manufacturing technology manufacture production cost produce composite industrial reduce design food phase processing coating improve commercial metal

Topic #18: protein cell dna function molecular structure gene rna membrane biological molecule mechanism biology complex enzyme understand cellular role sequence organism

Topic #19: plant gene genome crop genomic genetic sequence expression arabidopsis molecular biology growth sequencing function analysis pathway species wheat organism stress

Topic #20: market policy economic personal detail sensitive firm submission gtr financial data impact price effect economy risk trade economics business country

Topic #21: design user technology digital virtual media computer environment create video online people tool game mobile content interactive software interface social

Topic #22: physics particle experiment nuclear energy detector plasma matter neutron neutrino nucleus beam theory proton measurement decay accelerator lhc experimental electron

Topic #23: chemistry chemical reaction molecule organic synthesis metal molecular compound catalyst program complex structure synthetic product catalytic catalysis bond mechanism surface

Topic #24: device material film semiconductor electronic property thin technology solar structure silicon nanoscale surface fabrication electronics growth nanotube cell electrical thermal

Topic #25: disease virus infection bacterium host pathogen immune human bacterial resistance parasite control vaccine animal cell viral antibiotic infectious health understand

Topic #26: technology phase power control cost design sbir energy business innovation market commercial small device reduce performance industry vehicle impact sensor

Topic #27: student undergraduate program graduate science experience training school summer site reu biology scientific participate faculty career laboratory postdoctoral year institution

Topic #28: student engineering program undergraduate science graduate education impact design educational broader outreach center integrate school training career technology collaborative intellectual

Topic #29: conference workshop student international meeting field hold participant scientist symposium graduate travel science young session topic attend participation discussion presentation

Topic #30: social political policy state community examine public analysis data dissertation local interview doctoral impact economic government focus question law survey

Topic #31: algorithm analysis computational data statistical mathematical theory modeling simulation tool complex design stochastic computer optimization large numerical efficient theoretical random

Topic #32: language speech word linguistic english speaker sound child speak text learn linguistics sentence processing structure natural corpus recognition grammar meaning

Topic #33: flow fluid wave dynamics transport numerical simulation scale surface turbulence mix understanding equation boundary experiment particle field physical modeling effect

Topic #34: network wireless security communication sensor design service distribute internet protocol data control infrastructure node mobile algorithm traffic architecture performance channel

Topic #35: student science east asia site archaeological region summer culture graduate experience location relationship human early international pacific nsf program infrastructure

Topic #36: student program stem college science faculty increase education engineering community school career institution woman graduate degree minority mathematics year technology

Topic #37: data analysis tool database set large software web community search collection user scientific visualization dataset algorithm source image collect exist

Topic #38: optical laser light frequency device technology signal photonic pulse wave source wavelength range optics design noise array base imaging communication

Topic #39: imaging sensor detection technology sense image biological measurement resolution device probe chemical detect surface sample array optical base diagnostic cell

Topic #40: cell disease tissue drug patient cancer treatment blood human therapy clinical heart bone body effect lead delivery medical damage increase

Topic #41: history cultural art century book culture historical period explore music practice form film contemporary text material world place public modern

Topic #42: structure damage design structural building earthquake disaster engineering failure data hurricane hazard test load risk infrastructure construction performance bridge tsunami

Topic #43: earthquake fault seismic zone deformation plate data mantle structure earth subduction tectonic region slip surface boundary crust stress continental understand

Topic #44: quantum magnetic material physics state electron field property spin atom theoretical matter phase temperature transition effect theory electronic dynamics atomic

Topic #45: software design computing computer performance program architecture code tool hardware parallel programming memory computational simulation processor algorithm computation power circuit

Topic #46: student science teacher school learning education learn teaching curriculum material mathematics design classroom stem assessment practice educational professional skill evaluation

Topic #47: cell gene function mechanism brain control receptor neuron understand role protein molecular signal regulate stem animal cellular tissue growth type

Topic #48: species ecosystem community population plant forest marine ecological effect ecology habitat diversity coral fish impact environmental dynamics food climate tree

Topic #49: theory geometry space algebraic mathematics equation geometric mathematical structure algebra field manifold topology representation question object analysis physics property conjecture