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Subtopic #0: mantle melt magma arc crust subduction composition element geochemical volatile melting zone earth rock volcanic basalt evolution trace source sample

Subtopic #1: algebraic geometry variety curve space equation theory polynomial field conjecture point rational question arithmetic geometric singularity moduli object invariant algebra

Subtopic #2: health patient care medical healthcare clinical treatment hospital improve medicine service cost intervention outcome disease illness mental trial life practice

Subtopic #3: material property composite nanocomposite ceramic processing mechanical microstructure structure matrix structural design performance polymer characterization understanding nanostructured advanced engineering strength

Subtopic #4: computational numerical mathematical analysis algorithm simulation investigator nonlinear tool equation complex inverse efficient parameter modeling error approximation computation accurate large

Subtopic #5: cell protein molecule control understand signal function pathway signalling growth call gene disease cancer human cellular mechanism regulate normal role

Subtopic #6: numerical equation element simulation finite computational mesh adaptive efficient scheme accurate pde algorithm interface differential accuracy boundary discontinuous flow domain

Subtopic #7: material grain deformation stress crack fracture strain boundary mechanical mechanism fatigue damage alloy microstructure failure dislocation strength temperature effect metal

Subtopic #8: structural structure design building bridge earthquake seismic load damage engineering performance test steel nee testing collapse frame experimental simulation wall

Subtopic #9: policy state dissertation government doctoral local institution institutional governance country examine reform analysis social economic organization political interview data welfare

Subtopic #10: embedded real-time software device cyber-physical physical design medical component safety analysis control hardware timing hybrid technology domain platform verification formal

Subtopic #11: africa african south west east region international southern country kenya sub-saharan ghana scientist tanzanium cape global malawus regional ssa continent

Subtopic #12: land rural poverty local forest people village agricultural household deforestation community farmer region livelihood country ethiopium benefit payment soil ecosystem

Subtopic #13: beam accelerator electron radiation energy particle muon source experiment ion physics proton accelerate collider facility produce field acceleration linear create

Subtopic #14: motor swim biological movement swimming motion motility cilium swarm organism flagellum chemotaxi move fluid collective behavior body flagellar locomotion shape

Subtopic #15: surface material adsorption interface molecular property adhesion interfacial chemical chemistry nanoscale understanding design mof control porous structure confine engineering effect

Subtopic #16: coating substrate material flexible manufacturing printing film print technology electronics surface device fabrication deposition semiconductor manufacture pattern processing wafer ink

Subtopic #17: environmental sustainability sustainable environment impact infrastructure economic global social green issue management address life natural policy assessment framework integrate cycle

Subtopic #18: deformation plate fault strain tectonic zone rate boundary continental motion crust crustal deform shear understand collision data structural earthquake structure

Subtopic #19: food acid diet gut health human dietary fruit starch feed fat product reduce digestion effect nutritional animal fatty intake consumption

Subtopic #20: failure construction maintenance infrastructure reliability operation monitoring safety cost condition industry performance management improve component diagnosis life fault reduce health

Subtopic #21: device semiconductor material electronic property nanowire transport structure interface electron charge electrical carrier transistor effect defect growth electronics nanostructure silicon

Subtopic #22: catalyst reaction catalytic metal chemical catalysis surface oxide oxidation reactor heterogeneous chemistry design fuel mechanism structure product condition oxygen selectivity

Subtopic #23: social dissertation practice doctoral interview identity cultural ethnographic examine focus observation participant analysis life understanding experience relationship understand people immigrant

Subtopic #24: solar space magnetic sun wind weather coronal field corona cme observation physics team earth flare atmosphere particle mass ejection data

Subtopic #25: dust cloud aerosol ice climate particle atmospheric atmosphere source property measurement water effect surface radiation earth aircraft understanding wind radiative

Subtopic #26: circuit device design technology integrate silicon electronics electronic chip transistor cmo power semiconductor interconnect performance logic digital test analog gate

Subtopic #27: policy tax effect household income incentive individual impact economic welfare experiment country public evidence benefit design estimate government economics increase

Subtopic #28: blood heart disease vessel patient cardiovascular artery vascular oxygen pressure flow cardiac lead stroke treatment endothelial platelet failure tissue risk

Subtopic #29: urban city neighborhood community rural local social housing resident space economic public place street residential town population live tourism planning

Subtopic #30: error reliability fault design failure hardware tolerance reliable performance computation component correction computer defect operation mechanism redundancy efficient detection increase

Subtopic #31: theory string physics gravity universe particle quantum field energy hole cosmology black gauge theoretical matter dark dimension general relativity force

Subtopic #32: user technology interface design computer people device blind computing display environment mobile visually impaired digital tactile visual interactive impairment touch

Subtopic #33: manufacturing product manufacture industry industrial design production technology goalus control part cost engineering improve material tool academic machine manufacturer assembly

Subtopic #34: cost technology phase market commercial increase reduce small impact sbir improve business innovation product broader performance billion lower production benefit

Subtopic #35: student reu program site experience undergraduate summer science participant participate faculty week mentor year presentation seminar ret career chemistry college

Subtopic #36: quantum theory mechanic classical physics computer state computation field physical entanglement theoretical mechanical science computing technology processing principle understanding idea

Subtopic #37: random theory statistical physics matrix behavior mathematical field fluctuation probability property phenomenon large transition walk physical mechanic stochastic particle understand

Subtopic #38: measurement mass earth cosmogenic production nuclide grace satellite tcn gravity data rate science estimate parameter field surface accumulation produce global

Subtopic #39: data privacy mining database distribute privacy-preserving anomaly disclosure protect protection release user collaborative sensitive individual preserve analysis mine share confidentiality

Subtopic #40: ice sheet glacier greenland subglacial stream water flow sea antarctic surface rise west dynamics bed basal lake melt glacial retreat

Subtopic #41: sound acoustic auditory speech hearing signal voice ear facial noise face source human audio hear microphone processing recognition listen frequency

Subtopic #42: ocean water measurement sea data surface measure float observation deploy temperature sensor observe buoy acoustic instrument mooring autonomous underwater glider

Subtopic #43: film performance theatre cultural cinema production play form television practice audience culture media contemporary narrative drama shakespeare explore art dance

Subtopic #44: galaxy cluster formation dark star survey universe gas evolution matter cosmological simulation observation halo galactic structure redshift cosmic mass data

Subtopic #45: power design architecture performance chip processor consumption energy technology hardware circuit embedded computing device computer core increase reduce management integrate

Subtopic #46: aerosol particle cloud organic atmospheric formation measurement chemical property climate soa size laboratory composition nucleation air impact secondary droplet experiment

Subtopic #47: plant flower pollen seed floral flowering species pollinator pollination crop polyploid fruit reproduction production evolution tube mechanism herbivore arabidopsis reproductive

Subtopic #48: code communication channel theory design algorithm error signal data transmission scheme source coding performance decode compression processing rate decoding capacity

Subtopic #49: motion planning robotic robot control plan human dynamic task action object constraint trajectory manipulation environment algorithm flexible kinematic autonomous complex

Subtopic #50: channel ion sodium membrane gate calcium potassium electrical open subunit pain function voltage pore chloride flow voltage-gated opening action nerve

Subtopic #51: material property structure solid glass synthesis chemistry state compound crystal oxide metal composition structural characterization electronic chemical solid-state physical phase

Subtopic #52: service management business enterprise practice sector provider delivery organisation provision manage performance client manager firm employee customer company innovation improve

Subtopic #53: digital data library community tool user collection database service online archive web repository nsdl content create material educational collaborative portal

Subtopic #54: physics particle quark experiment lhc standard energy qcd proton collider matter hadron nuclear experimental theory mass measurement higg data decay

Subtopic #55: species tree evolutionary phylogenetic relationship evolution plant data genus diversity family phylogeny morphological life dna systematic history molecular sequence biodiversity

Subtopic #56: concrete material cement structure construction infrastructure damage corrosion asphalt ash civil structural crack reinforce performance pavement fly property frp durability

Subtopic #57: human ecosystem natural environmental management climate ecological social dynamics policy couple land environment integrate resilience modeling landscape understanding economic region

Subtopic #58: program programming software language code programmer type tool analysis compiler write computer dynamic implementation execution developer transformation static high-level java

Subtopic #59: dynamics complex scale structure understand understanding theoretical simulation theory behavior physical phenomenon property complexity role experimental address range tool mechanism

Subtopic #60: texa student state hispanic austin institution oklahoma program minority graduate american houston science undergraduate underrepresented mexico population serve increase education

Subtopic #61: stochastic random analysis randomness algorithm complexity deterministic simulation computational theory efficient numerical large approximation scheme idea monte dimension carlo uncertainty

Subtopic #62: conference international student meeting scientist travel symposium hold field young society participation attend congress graduate science scientific participant american session

Subtopic #63: tissue cell engineering scaffold biomaterial collagen matrix cartilage growth regeneration hydrogel mechanical material engineer regenerative property biological repair culture stem

Subtopic #64: rule state law enforcement border policy immigration legal government rights official issue police regulation property practice punishment federal control political

Subtopic #65: distribute control network communication algorithm sensor environment sense mobile dynamic adaptive design networked agent autonomous physical coordination cyber-physical framework infrastructure

Subtopic #66: spin magnetic device electron spintronic material field effect domain ferromagnetic wall control magnetization property structure semiconductor magnet transport nanostructure storage

Subtopic #67: data query web semantic ontology database search text document user source metadata annotation tool domain language retrieval integration base large

Subtopic #68: laser optical fiber wavelength source device technology photonic communication fibre light semiconductor nonlinear base range optics frequency optic quantum generation

Subtopic #69: synthesis reaction chemistry organic chemical compound molecule product synthetic catalyst pharmaceutical program complex chiral asymmetric natural bond catalytic efficient catalysis

Subtopic #70: computing computational computer cluster simulation software science parallel code performance scientific algorithm compute large computation high-performance modeling hpc community tool

Subtopic #71: conference theory student graduate field participant mathematician geometry young meeting talk hold mathematics lecture topic speaker analysis year topology junior

Subtopic #72: ecosystem service land conservation biodiversity landscape management policy livelihood impact poverty local natural people wildlife environmental park habitat human link

Subtopic #73: search web user query site database retrieval page engine content document www algorithm large efficient online recommendation text indexing collection

Subtopic #74: membrane separation water pore transport zeolite purification gas chemical filtration material ion technology performance desalination nanoporous size molecular permeability energy

Subtopic #75: memory storage data disk file store performance flash capacity device technology write drive improve non-volatile speed large increase management architecture

Subtopic #76: ocean mix coastal eddy wave circulation transport shelf flow numerical field vertical layer plume internal modeling tidal observation water physical

Subtopic #77: climate record lake past holocene proxy variability year sediment climatic core reconstruction temperature paleoclimate data period north region arctic ice

Subtopic #78: religious religion church medieval muslim christian tradition islamic text faith ritual belief society jewish century secular catholic islam contemporary theology

Subtopic #79: lightning flash discharge thunderstorm forensic cat charge electric sprite electrical affective garnet gun associate domain transient observation tgf electrification electromagnetic

Subtopic #80: plant tree leaf water growth carbon soil respiration temperature stomatal rate climate drought forest photosynthesis ecosystem loss atmospheric wood grow

Subtopic #81: theory set structure ring algebra question finite mathematics logic mathematical object algebraic property theorem class infinite field classification commutative axiom

Subtopic #82: power grid energy smart electric electricity generation control transmission demand renewable operation distribution load electrical reliability distribute storage wind utility

Subtopic #83: telescope radio array astronomy gamma-ray observatory emission observation burst source energy astrophysics pulsar gamma ray galaxy universe astronomical grb verita

Subtopic #84: microbial community diversity microbe environment microorganism bacterium organism bacterial environmental ecology ecosystem function molecular life population microbiology role metagenomic metabolic

Subtopic #85: international science student program collaborative team office nsf germany engineering world experience national global graduate institution network collaborator scientist german

Subtopic #86: neural brain control interface stimulation signal motor electrode electrical eeg device bcus movement neuron implant record recording neuroscience feedback patient

Subtopic #87: stochastic probability analysis random theory mathematical diffusion noise control markov brownian large finance field motion class differential jump queue general

Subtopic #88: public summary await request description receive historic retrofit house carbon road home artemi housing energy feasibility technology tcc advanced service

Subtopic #89: financial market risk bank asset crisis credit price debt finance economic policy default investment investor capital option insurance rate loan

Subtopic #90: ecosystem sea food marine web trophic impact zooplankton biological production ocean physical data predator globec species krill climate dynamics region

Subtopic #91: conference meeting student session hold participant workshop international field poster presentation discussion annual attend travel talk organize invite participation scientist

Subtopic #92: performance parallel processor memory multicore architecture thread core cache multi-core execution data program hardware compiler parallelism software computing design optimization

Subtopic #93: people health life older age family young social adult ageing population live woman physical care marriage increase individual death man

Subtopic #94: robot robotic human task environment control haptic hand manipulation navigation autonomous grasp algorithm design human-robot capability sense sensor mobile rescue

Subtopic #95: experiment matter neutrino detector dark particle underground decay physics mass search background wimp dusel beta xenon liquid universe double laboratory

Subtopic #96: student module engineering material laboratory curriculum undergraduate education learning faculty teaching design educational institution integrate learn experience technology evaluation concept

Subtopic #97: gene dna expression chromatin transcription epigenetic protein modification factor regulation histone mechanism regulate methylation control cell regulatory role complex function

Subtopic #98: community social indigenous local cultural rural people economic household migration dissertation doctoral interview population data immigrant culture focus region relationship

Subtopic #99: plant maize genomic arabidopsis gene crop genome www rice data biology genetic genetics sequence community species functional analysis database center

Subtopic #100: forest tropical species tree biodiversity diversity costa ecosystem ecological rica canopy community ecology conservation panama rainforest habitat seed site plant

Subtopic #101: imaging microscopy microscope image cell resolution optical fluorescence biological confocal fluorescent live tissue light biology technology laser instrument scanning living

Subtopic #102: network internet architecture protocol service design genus infrastructure communication networking traffic route user address collaborative architectural security experimental technology global

Subtopic #103: sensor measurement detection gas chemical sense monitoring sensitivity measure monitor detect explosive base instrument technology calibration sensitive analysis trace environment

Subtopic #104: measure measurement rate effect test data estimate parameter increase size compare range predict improve large experiment variation accurate give vary

Subtopic #105: protocol security secure cryptographic cryptography encryption attack computation function primitive design secret data scheme algorithm base communication assumption computing message

Subtopic #106: mexico america international brazil latin chile american argentina south student mexican brazilian universidad country pasus scientist region state program del

Subtopic #107: science museum informal public program exhibit audience education center evaluation youth stem learning community learn outreach professional national visitor site

Subtopic #108: plant growth pathway metabolic arabidopsis gene stress regulate metabolite regulation metabolism signaling mechanism molecular control signal protein crop role regulatory

Subtopic #109: law rights legal human international property dispute policy regulation court rule issue case justice claim state protection practice lawyer analysis

Subtopic #110: operator theory function algebra space matrix polynomial analysis von neumann banach mathematics noncommutative free linear hilbert probability variable quantum mathematical

Subtopic #111: science scientist nsf scientific summer fellow international career host experience culture early pacific society engineer workforce impact meet east action

Subtopic #112: college community program technology education industry center curriculum student technician workforce school skill faculty professional training regional national career degree

Subtopic #113: language linguistic speaker community english documentation speak dialect document material endanger native linguistics linguist recording text grammar cultural indigenous dictionary

Subtopic #114: woman faculty stem program career institution increase leadership practice impact institutional professional academic science discipline advancement gender retention female network

Subtopic #115: optical switching switch technology network bandwidth data communication fibre signal transmission cable capacity power increase wavelength rate fiber modulation speed

Subtopic #116: bias people effect task cognitive test threat examine stereotype experiment individual performance influence reduce negative participant psychological implicit affect judgment

Subtopic #117: gene expression plant function pathway arabidopsis regulatory analysis protein molecular mutant biology regulation metabolic genomic control microarray genetic functional biological

Subtopic #118: stem student education college disability veteran arkansa school community program state increase postsecondary evaluation institution career ohio academic team degree

Subtopic #119: variability climate pacific tropical north enso atlantic oscillation sst region ocean variation force record circulation impact mode decadal atmospheric monsoon

Subtopic #120: seismic structure mantle data earthscope wave beneath array crust image continental region lithosphere velocity imaging earth plate surface crustal north

Subtopic #121: data survey social analysis sample individual longitudinal question collect population census interview factor outcome characteristic national examine impact household quantitative

Subtopic #122: international japan country europe european state global world united japanese scientist asia scientific china usa germany collaborative lead south france

Subtopic #123: student program undergraduate graduate summer year school science experience training minority participate underrepresented faculty career mentor recruit train woman education

Subtopic #124: identity ireland british political cultural northern irish national culture explore migration britain citizenship migrant muslim diaspora issue focus social examine

Subtopic #125: mechanical material mechanic modeling experimental behavior property deformation engineering element stress structure understanding simulation scale experiment strain finite computational design

Subtopic #126: arctic alaska ice sea ocean climate region north polar permafrost observe international year canada barrow alaskan northern collaborative observation data

Subtopic #127: bacterium bacterial antibiotic infection strain pathogen tuberculosis toxin disease spore bacillus resistant resistance human mrsa agent subtilis aureus produce drug

Subtopic #128: ocean phytoplankton diatom nutrient carbon iron sea production marine water biological export bloom role productivity cycle growth region surface biogeochemical

Subtopic #129: transport fluid microfluidic flow particle separation device porous phenomenon experimental colloid capillary field control colloidal channel media nanofluidic microscale dynamics

Subtopic #130: science scientific public scientist community general outreach education national understanding program citizen impact broader audience society communicate natural center educational

Subtopic #131: community social practice local people academic policy engagement explore public practitioner experience issue focus cultural engage participation series seminar network

Subtopic #132: frequency antenna radio signal communication microwave design wireless array technology electromagnetic receiver ghz filter device integrate power range performance circuit

Subtopic #133: year academic international review lead member range link series seminar papers base london plan publish workshop network staff period publication

Subtopic #134: algorithm graph computational optimization complexity computer algorithmic theory design efficient theoretical combinatorial approximation structure computation programming class science set linear

Subtopic #135: sensor monitoring sense network monitor wireless data technology health environment real-time detection signal deployment environmental infrastructure deploy distribute measurement remote

Subtopic #136: atmospheric ozone chemistry atmosphere measurement chemical radical gas emission compound organic air species source aerosol oxide reaction impact transport nitrogen

Subtopic #137: security attack detection threat detect malware malicious vulnerability cyber defense intrusion computer secure mechanism analysis network protect behavior internet terrorist

Subtopic #138: vessel oceanographic equipment ship instrumentation scientific operate operation program marine shipboard request item nsf institution fleet unol year shared-use part

Subtopic #139: solar cell organic material device photovoltaic efficiency energy semiconductor charge light conversion film polymer cost silicon technology efficient electronic design

Subtopic #140: polymer material property chain polymeric copolymer molecular structure blend polymerization summary block morphology control processing plastic nanofiber monomer poly branch

Subtopic #141: vehicle technology power fuel efficiency electric motor emission hybrid automotive reduce cost engine air drive design reduction gas energy machine

Subtopic #142: school teacher student science education middle stem district classroom curriculum year grade professional technology learning program educational experience partnership learn

Subtopic #143: disease virus prion tse animal vaccine agent tick btv fmdv sheep host infectious transmission protein strain fmd control cattle vector

Subtopic #144: patient pain disease lung treatment drug kidney chronic asthma clinical respiratory people therapy transplant effect test severe copd lead year

Subtopic #145: mathematics mathematical science mathematician math statistics computational algebra computer modeling calculus program analysis faculty year biology interdisciplinary theory discipline national

Subtopic #146: population genetic variation evolutionary species evolution environment environmental natural trait selection diversity adaptation individual effect ecological mutation understand dynamics rate

Subtopic #147: star galaxy formation gas evolution cluster mass survey stellar form universe observation cloud region dust galactic massive molecular telescope halo

Subtopic #148: californium san state student york diego institution college santa city collaborative berkeley program center angele southern graduate suny francisco undergraduate

Subtopic #149: wireless network spectrum communication radio design layer channel interference protocol cognitive capacity performance user transmission node algorithm mimo multiple technology

Subtopic #150: archaeological ceramic site archaeology social analysis pottery community region period artifact material cultural production pueblo mexico prehistoric archaeologist american southwest

Subtopic #151: student school program career undergraduate science graduate outreach summer education state georgium educational minority tech technology engineering underrepresented teacher college

Subtopic #152: water environmental treatment contaminant environment chemical metal health toxic wastewater human pollutant contamination remediation contaminate exposure compound effect toxicity concentration

Subtopic #153: network layer infrastructure testbed testb node physical service experiment protocol experimental networking community test capability facility platform collaborative underwater institution

Subtopic #154: student undergraduate graduate training impact experience scientific career broader laboratory science understanding education field educational program train enhance gain investigator

Subtopic #155: silk magnetic spider recording fiber density magnet media permanent property storage data drive material nanofiber hard disk collaborative industry anisotropy

Subtopic #156: species genetic gene evolution population evolutionary speciation hybrid variation difference selection pattern divergence natural understand trait diversity test hybridization molecular

Subtopic #157: material phase temperature state superconductor transition electron superconductivity property matter quantum physics magnetic correlate theoretical condensed electronic strongly superconducting phenomenon

Subtopic #158: student teacher assessment science learning learn curriculum practice design classroom teaching school professional education mathematics test material understanding evaluation concept

Subtopic #159: network wireless communication sensor node design protocol mobile hoc networking underwater route environment distribute algorithm performance link efficient signal data

Subtopic #160: cell receptor membrane calcium vesicle protein transport release mechanism role function regulate surface intracellular molecular hormone regulation signal secretion control

Subtopic #161: forest tree fire disturbance vegetation pine ecosystem landscape management mountain beetle land impact ecological site wood oak climate species savanna

Subtopic #162: human site modern africa early fossil evolution year environmental archaeological hominin stone history data ethiopium date tool origin ago evidence

Subtopic #163: language speech word english speaker translation processing production speak sound sentence meaning linguistic bilingual human text natural recognition perception automatic

Subtopic #164: biological biology science informatics computational training interdisciplinary postdoctoral scientist mathematical computer biologist train bioinformatic tool fellow role biomedical integrate complex

Subtopic #165: plant insect pest control crop chemical aphid resistance nematode herbivore host natural defense attack species agricultural damage compound fly produce

Subtopic #166: material glass granular matter transition particle soft property behavior liquid force colloidal experiment physics solid state disorder jam flow dynamics

Subtopic #167: bone implant device patient wound surgical surgery tissue medical fracture healing dental replacement material treatment tooth clinical hip repair improve

Subtopic #168: liquid ionic solvent charge property phase polymer molecular polyelectrolyte separation gel surface aqueous silica material brush water electrostatic aerogel surfactant

Subtopic #169: oil gulf spill mexico impact coastal horizon deepwater hydrocarbon petroleum marine environmental coast water effect dispersant plume ecosystem louisiana crude

Subtopic #170: disease cell inflammation liver inflammatory lung tissue skin treatment infection role blood human immune body damage macrophage mouse lead patient

Subtopic #171: insect flight bat wing fly animal locomotion body biological control flap moth beetle cuticle butterfly size biology understand mechanism skin

Subtopic #172: hydrothermal fluid vent ridge crust geochemical deep rock subsurface microbial ocean chemical flow deposit temperature data seafloor deep-sea impact biological

Subtopic #173: spectroscopy optical light raman spectral measurement spectrum absorption fluorescence scattering infrared wavelength spectroscopic measure instrument emission imaging scatter detection enhance

Subtopic #174: x-ray structure diffraction material synchrotron scattering facility source neutron national crystal structural laboratory sample spectroscopy x-rays experiment scatter science energy

Subtopic #175: site archaeological social political maya local region period state excavation community society data settlement ancient analysis economic center regional household

Subtopic #176: sediment river transport coastal channel flow bed flood delta erosion sand deposit dam water field understanding floodplain environment morphology beach

Subtopic #177: flow fluid turbulence turbulent mix dynamics jet numerical particle velocity field measurement experimental simulation experiment motion understanding transport multiphase scale

Subtopic #178: student program reu undergraduate site experience summer participant faculty science participate year mentor week career graduate skill presentation institution seminar

Subtopic #179: clock circadian rhythm gene cycle light timing day control auxin regulate molecular mechanism flowering seasonal sleep hormone plant daily animal

Subtopic #180: hurricane disaster storm recovery damage emergency katrina community surge data impact coastal natural evacuation orlean sger collect flood coast affect

Subtopic #181: instrument instrumentation acquisition mrus measurement analysis spectrometer capability sample acquire equipment facility laboratory analyzer characterization material range request enhance analytical

Subtopic #182: groundwater aquifer water nevada arsenic surface vapor field hydrologic sierra flow snow las control recharge region vegas concentration shallow spatial

Subtopic #183: traffic transportation vehicle road transport safety driver travel route drive congestion reduce car network infrastructure cost management rail improve highway

Subtopic #184: labor worker economic market employment inequality job policy capital effect data income wage impact labour economy individual increase growth earnings

Subtopic #185: polymer material chemistry organic synthesis polymerization property fullerene macromolecular program supramolecular conjugate molecular synthetic synthesize division structure monomer electronic impact

Subtopic #186: ocean drilling sample deep sediment site sampling expedition data marine iodp core seafloor survey program drill deep-sea cruise collect scientific

Subtopic #187: spatial pattern scale temporal data analysis distribution map space geographic variation region location structure local spatially field resolution range relationship

Subtopic #188: disability design technology sleep person assistive individual rehabilitation people disabled engineering device team life accessibility senior aid client resna sdc

Subtopic #189: security assurance computer cybersecurity program cyber faculty education national student institution forensic state collaborative professional college curriculum center academic network

Subtopic #190: star black hole stellar binary mass supernova evolution dwarf accretion object white astrophysics massive disk observation formation neutron type explosion

Subtopic #191: memory cognitive brain attention task action human mechanism learn neural processing perception cognition understand visual learning perceptual stimulus experiment understanding

Subtopic #192: risk hazard management flood disaster mitigation vulnerability assessment natural infrastructure extreme impact emergency resilience reduce increase uncertainty threat loss communication

Subtopic #193: nitrogen microbial nitrate cycle oxygen carbon water community denitrification fixation production rate marine cycling sediment biogeochemical oxidation ecosystem anammox ocean

Subtopic #194: crystal liquid display material device light optical phase lens crystalline nematic technology structure alignment lcd color field property molecule smectic

Subtopic #195: evolution evolutionary biology developmental organism animal gene evolve fish vertebrate molecular mechanism species genetic comparative understand function diversity functional physiological

Subtopic #196: uncertainty prediction data forecast assimilation forecasting improve observation ensemble error estimate predict weather modeling base accurate state parameter simulation source

Subtopic #197: visual object vision eye image human recognition scene perception computer representation movement natural retinal perceptual face task world understand retina

Subtopic #198: laser pulse light optical source ultrafast femtosecond field beam generation pulsed power wavelength energy short coherent intense technology radiation control

Subtopic #199: aircraft vehicle inspection technology unmanned air aerospace flight uav aviation ultrasonic aerial design capability landing device helicopter engine operate power

Subtopic #200: ice core snow sea climate polar greenland record measurement wai divide atmospheric firn summit data accumulation gas antarctic cover collaborative

Subtopic #201: protein cell function cellular complex yeast role kinase molecular mechanism organelle phosphorylation regulate biology pathway assembly domain regulation transport membrane

Subtopic #202: fire wildfire burn smoke safety blast burning flame wec protection spread fuel condition explosion post-fire behavior impact loss ignition emergency

Subtopic #203: arctic climate ecosystem soil permafrost carbon water tundra vegetation landscape forest field scale cycle thaw northern alaska terrestrial peatland boreal

Subtopic #204: wind turbine vibration noise acoustic offshore design blade energy structure ultrasonic frequency farm reduce damp structural source sound analysis dynamic

Subtopic #205: software verification formal tool proof analysis specification property design verify program check logic reasoning language correctness component bug abstraction computer

Subtopic #206: reaction chemical chemistry molecule molecular theoretical energy theory computational calculation structure electron dynamics bond experimental hydrogen quantum electronic mechanism functional

Subtopic #207: gas oil pressure fluid reservoir rock water hydrate natural storage formation methane shale flow fracture noble hydrocarbon geological pump condition

Subtopic #208: science national program nsf community committee plan agency meeting scientific international planning board foundation issue workshop education office federal organization

Subtopic #209: phase simulation material molecular structure transition growth experimental dynamics theory energy computational nucleation interface theoretical crystal diffusion alloy scale modeling

Subtopic #210: symposium meeting conference hold international participant scientist session speaker field society travel invite student forum annual topic presentation attend young

Subtopic #211: earthquake subduction zone seismic fault stress slip region rupture hazard tsunami plate postseismic deformation aftershock large data seismicity megathrust island

Subtopic #212: male female mate sexual mating reproductive selection sperm trait species signal sex evolution color preference behavior variation competition choice behavioral

Subtopic #213: design engineering designer tool product engineer cad mechanism principle complex analysis practice industry construction experiment concept base create explore sketch

Subtopic #214: production biomass biofuel chemical enzyme produce fuel cellulose feedstock sugar product renewable conversion ethanol fermentation engineering lignin energy sustainable industrial

Subtopic #215: telescope astronomy survey observatory astronomical science instrument observation large astronomer star sky observe image optics adaptive galaxy object astrophysics optical

Subtopic #216: engineering education student ethic practice ethical faculty professional learning stem assessment learn teaching educational society impact educator create design community

Subtopic #217: rock basin tectonic paleomagnetic year age volcanic history record earth million date nevada geologic field evolution pluton region western north

Subtopic #218: soil geotechnical ground engineering liquefaction clay sand behavior testing site design field foundation pile test laboratory shear unsaturated property condition

Subtopic #219: social behavior individual people emotion psychology emotional psychological experience relationship influence affect examine behavioral perception human person affective understanding positive

Subtopic #220: security privacy secure trust user policy data control mechanism biometric protection authentication identity protect trustworthy collaborative management design address issue

Subtopic #221: surface interface surfactant liquid interfacial emulsion water droplet bubble tension solid layer coating oil hydrophobic property film phenomenon foam fluid

Subtopic #222: test analysis data evaluate impact evaluation assess performance measure base assessment exist improve set hypothesis design address testing sger tool

Subtopic #223: child learn infant adult young early learning skill developmental age language reading cognitive year parent understanding understand childhood experience acquisition

Subtopic #224: flow fluid droplet liquid shear drop dynamics complex suspension experiment rheology viscosity particle experimental effect microfluidic phenomenon behavior solid stress

Subtopic #225: modeling computational experimental experiment tool simulation analysis data theoretical understanding theory framework mathematical complex integrate prediction design dynamics collaborative quantitative

Subtopic #226: enzyme reaction chemistry chemical compound substrate mechanism biological structure synthesis product natural site complex heme intermediate molecule pathway structural catalytic

Subtopic #227: flow wind turbulence layer boundary turbulent simulation surface drag numerical les effect scale structure condition field fluid velocity reynold experiment

Subtopic #228: market chain supply consumer auction product industry firm demand management price customer cost inventory design economic pricing service competition supplier

Subtopic #229: modelling behaviour range design base technology optimise analyse performance exist deliver term lead characterise optimisation exploit data characterisation benefit requirement

Subtopic #230: ocean carbon flux water marine biological biogeochemical cycle measurement production global nutrient tracer sea surface data physical atlantic oceanography community

Subtopic #231: enzyme acid pathway oxygen metabolism function mitochondrial role protein plant metabolic lipid oxidative mitochondrium biochemical amino mechanism biosynthesis production synthesis

Subtopic #232: quantum atom dot state optical photon atomic physics control single gas cavity light qubit matter spin coherent condensate coherence entanglement

Subtopic #233: planet star solar planetary earth formation atmosphere asteroid orbit form comet evolution sun disk body understand object exoplanet gas search

Subtopic #234: wave atmosphere gravity lidar atmospheric upper temperature lower measurement mesosphere thermosphere observation region wind dynamics altitude radar data mesospheric meteor

Subtopic #235: policy public science issue government maker agency stakeholder organization technology analysis decision scientific examine address regulation regulatory inform impact state

Subtopic #236: sign deaf language asl recognition gesture text communication video speech reading computer hear hearing people hard speak linguistic corpus read

Subtopic #237: transport modeling scale multiscale simulation flow computational numerical multi-scale couple fluid media phenomenon physical porous heterogeneous engineering range coupling complex

Subtopic #238: conference meeting field scientist gordon hold session student discussion speaker grc participant young graduate topic investigator biology junior participation scientific

Subtopic #239: coral reef marine caribbean ecosystem ocean sea bleaching sponge temperature effect community acidification species increase growth climate environmental calcification impact

Subtopic #240: recovery act american law public reinvestment mri-r collaborative postdoctoral component program team improve complete employ serve environment characterize describe utilize

Subtopic #241: engine combustion fuel emission diesel nox exhaust gas reduce efficiency particulate temperature ace ignition soot condition gasoline technology turbine internal

Subtopic #242: atom atomic molecule electron physics trap ion collision molecular experiment state measurement field gas energy ultracold experimental laser cold helium

Subtopic #243: phase sbir small business innovation technology commercial impact broader market cost product sttr demonstrate feasibility improve prototype innovative device reduce

Subtopic #244: biology molecular biological training ecology genetics scientific biochemistry science student experience cell laboratory www scientist career interest plant academic tool

Subtopic #245: carbon gas emission dioxide methane greenhouse global atmosphere climate flux atmospheric cycle release source measurement concentration increase peatland wetland ghg

Subtopic #246: bee pollinator insect colony ant pollination honeybee honey worker bumblebee nest crop queen forage wasp species flower decline mite pesticide

Subtopic #247: student publication journal disseminate conference scientific presentation graduate impact undergraduate meeting broader community publish public training national article dissemination peer-reviewed

Subtopic #248: fungus fungal plant host symbiosis symbiont bacterium symbiotic association mycorrhizal species pathogen organism animal role beneficial bacterial molecular nutrient form

Subtopic #249: antarctic polar antarctica ice region ross sheet international sea mcmurdo ipy station broader impact valley east south year dry climate

Subtopic #250: disease parasite host pathogen virus human infection transmission spread population infectious health control mosquito epidemic outbreak animal influenza malaria dynamics

Subtopic #251: wave nonlinear propagation dynamics oscillation frequency pattern theory phenomenon structure effect amplitude acoustic instability dynamical mode linear perturbation theoretical media

Subtopic #252: river stream hydrologic water watershed zone flow hydrology scale data flood basin landscape catchment flux hydrological surface groundwater modeling runoff

Subtopic #253: actuator smart material piezoelectric shape device sensor structure mechanical actuation control memory sense technology base design electromechanical electrical vibration transducer

Subtopic #254: court crime justice police criminal case law judge legal forensic judicial evidence decision trial examine juror victim supreme witness enforcement

Subtopic #255: disease vaccine animal infection chicken poultry bacterium human cattle pathogen campylobacter control strain welfare salmonella pig bird host vaccination food

Subtopic #256: treatment cancer patient trial therapy tumour clinical treat drug effect prostate disease surgery year injury chemotherapy improve brain survival benefit

Subtopic #257: eruption volcanic magma volcano lava ash hazard explosive magmatic gas erupt chamber flow eruptive understand deposit understanding bubble dome dynamics

Subtopic #258: ocean carbonate acidification carbon seawater calcium marine chemistry dissolution cycle shell organism concentration mineral global rate impact calcite surface experiment

Subtopic #259: marine phytoplankton algal alga ocean bloom community production species organism culture environmental cyanobacterium toxin ecosystem microbial prochlorococcus cell growth dinoflagellate

Subtopic #260: film surface thin growth layer substrate material deposition device grow structure epitaxial interface formation semiconductor crystal defect form oxide metal

Subtopic #261: fossil mammal evolution early animal modern record tooth vertebrate fauna year million live extinct evolutionary analysis locality data preserve mammalian

Subtopic #262: island station field native conservation american montana environmental park tribal ecological ecology pacific restoration site national management mountain natural region

Subtopic #263: nutrient water ecosystem sediment stream cycling mercury biogeochemical aquatic wetland arsenic coastal river flux freshwater control organic transport microbial nitrogen

Subtopic #264: data analysis large visualization tool mining set dataset analyze scientific analytic science algorithm big complex computational massive large-scale collection pattern

Subtopic #265: building energy green construction home design housing reduce window house consumption performance occupant roof cost efficiency control environment air wall

Subtopic #266: individual animal population offspring variation effect breed reproductive wild behaviour parent care parental maternal influence social test nest fitness dog

Subtopic #267: hormone sex male reproductive female steroid reproduction behavior sexual receptor effect estrogen mechanism egg brain function role sperm hormonal testosterone

Subtopic #268: student conference workshop travel graduate attend field hold international participation participant session presentation community meeting encourage poster young network forum

Subtopic #269: student stem program college science increase engineering community degree mathematics academic year retention technology scholarship faculty career computer school graduate

Subtopic #270: electron material microscope microscopy scanning resolution probe instrument imaging sample sem tem structure transmission characterization beam image analysis nanoscale acquisition

Subtopic #271: mineral pressure earth temperature experimental experiment condition melt rock element silicate composition fluid phase chemical iron data property natural diffusion

Subtopic #272: weather precipitation rainfall climate atmospheric forecast storm rain extreme impact improve prediction region surface meteorological water forecasting monsoon drought moisture

Subtopic #273: china chinese international beij global kong hong country world asian asia academy shanghaus science province us-china western lead tsinghua national

Subtopic #274: student minority underrepresented participation program woman increase engineering science broaden undergraduate college institution career graduate maryland education female diversity serve

Subtopic #275: disease brain disorder treatment patient human people drug affect alzheimer lead function dementia depression clinical condition understand gene symptom schizophrenia

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