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Recent EPSRC Grants for Resource Efficiency

Title Principal Investigator Organization Start Date End Date Value
The black box opened: Non-invasive observation of nanoparticle transport in rock pore systems Phoenix, VR (Dr) University of Glasgow 30/01/2013 29/01/2016 £359,150
Sub-micron X-ray Computed Tomography Facility at Durham University - non-equipment part Augarde, C (Dr) Durham University 28/06/2013 27/01/2017 £12,592
The black box opened: Non-invasive observation of nanoparticle transport in rock pore systems Tellam, J. H. (Professor) University of Birmingham 28/01/2013 27/01/2016 £185,696
Pipe Dreams Boxall, J (Professor) University of Sheffield 27/06/2009 26/06/2014 £904,118
CLEVER - Closed Loop Emotionally Valuable E-waste Recovery Scott, J L (Dr) University of Bath 18/03/2013 17/03/2016 £1,263,530
ROBUST:Regeneration Of Brownfield Using Sustainable Technologies Johnson, K (Dr) Durham University 16/03/2009 15/03/2014 £1,011,999
Can gold assist in the global arsenic problem?: Insights from speciation and development of an on-site system SALAUN, P (Dr) University of Liverpool 05/09/2007 04/09/2012 £656,091
CORE: Creative outreach for resource efficiency Glass, J (Professor) Loughborough University 04/06/2013 03/06/2016 £302,312
Processes, mechanics and management of wastes Powrie, W (Professor) University of Southampton 04/01/2011 03/01/2016 £961,107
Transport of toxic metals in clay mineral barriers:Influences of mobile sorbent nanoparticles Powrie, W (Professor) University of Southampton 01/12/2010 31/05/2014 £843,867
G8-2012 Catalysing the Growth in Metal Recovery (PHYTOCAT) Clark, JH (Professor) University of York 01/11/2012 31/10/2015 £490,858
EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Food Foster, T J (Dr) University of Nottingham 01/10/2013 30/09/2018 £4,501,050
Re-Engineering the City 2020-2050: Urban Foresight and Transition Management Eames, M (Professor) Cardiff University 01/10/2010 31/03/2014 £2,189,964
Industrial Doctorate Centre: Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering Ison, S (Professor) Loughborough University 01/10/2009 31/03/2018 £5,832,091
CeM-CATS: A Centre for Multi-disciplinary Computer Assisted Tomography at Southampton Sinclair, I (Professor) University of Southampton 01/10/2009 30/09/2014 £1,923,364
Bridging Applied Nano-Technologists (Bridging ANTs) Dorey, RA (Professor) Cranfield University 01/10/2009 31/03/2013 £496,797
BeXchange: Adaptation and Resilience in the Context of Change Coordination Network (ARCC CN) Street, R (Mr) University of Oxford 01/08/2013 31/07/2017 £1,223,982
Mitigating the risk of micropollutants in the environment Davenport, RJ (Dr) Newcastle University 01/08/2011 31/07/2016 £1,114,424
Dissolved and solid phase organic carbon influences on the sorption/desorption of hydrophobic organic contaminants in clay barriers Powrie, W (Professor) University of Southampton 01/08/2009 31/07/2013 £354,709
Food Climate Research Network - Phase 2 Jackson, T (Professor) University of Surrey 01/08/2008 31/07/2012 £311,604
Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE): Addressing Challenges in Sustainability and Scalable Manufacturing Finkelstein, A.C.W (Professor) University College London 01/06/2013 31/05/2018 £4,980,773
Recovery of metal value from end of life PEMFC Dawson, R J (Dr) Lancaster University 01/05/2013 31/07/2014 £94,301
G8-2012 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding fennell, p (Dr) Imperial College London 01/04/2013 31/03/2016 £300,094
Hyper-saline brine discharges into tidal coastal waters Davies, P (Professor) University of Dundee 01/04/2010 30/09/2013 £298,367
EXHUME - Efficient X-sector use of HeterogeneoUs MatErials in Manufacturing Leeke, GA (Dr) University of Birmingham 01/03/2013 29/02/2016 £1,416,867
Cleaning Land for Wealth Kirwan, KE (Dr) University of Warwick 01/03/2013 29/02/2016 £2,488,954
Hyper-saline brine discharges into tidal coastal waters Hogg, AJ (Dr) University of Bristol 01/03/2010 28/08/2013 £170,368
Hyper-saline brine discharges into tidal coastal waters Guo, Y (Dr) University of Aberdeen 01/03/2010 28/08/2013 £144,720
G8-2012 Structural Bamboo Products Ramage, MH (Mr) University of Cambridge 01/02/2013 31/01/2016 £422,752
SECURE: SElf Conserving URban Environments Bell, MC (Professor) Newcastle University 01/02/2011 31/07/2015 £2,244,041
G8-2012 Material Efficiency - A first step toward sustainable manufacture Potter, K (Professor) University of Bristol 01/01/2013 31/12/2015 £218,533