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Recent EPSRC Grants for Microsystems

Title Principal Investigator Organization Start Date End Date Value
Non-Destructive Nanoscale Resolution using a Carbon Nanotube Scanning Thermal Probe Kolosov, OV (Dr) Lancaster University 30/03/2009 28/09/2012 £350,025
Microchemical single droplet reaction analysis by online cavity ring-down spectroscopy Vallance, C (Dr) University of Oxford 29/06/2009 28/12/2012 £163,345
Diamond based pressure sensors for high temperature harsh environments Ye, H (Dr) Aston University 28/02/2013 27/02/2015 £99,336
Sonopill: minimally invasive gastrointestinal diagnosis and therapy Cochran, S (Professor) University of Dundee 27/05/2013 26/05/2018 £5,003,714
Laser-Induced Forward Transfer Nano-Printing Process - Multiscale Modelling, Experimental Validation and Optimization Luo, KH (Professor) University College London 26/05/2011 25/05/2014 £325,834
Microsystems for coupled expression and electrophysiology of ion channels De Planque, MRR (Dr) University of Southampton 23/06/2011 29/11/2013 £101,936
A Stable Parametrically Amplified Gyroscope Gallacher, BJ (Dr) Newcastle University 21/09/2009 20/09/2012 £143,145
University of Newcastle - Equipment Account Roskilly, AP (Professor) Newcastle University 10/01/2013 09/01/2023 £3,009,791
Shell inspiration: turning natures secrets into engineering solutions Yin, H (Dr) University of Glasgow 07/09/2012 06/09/2014 £100,176
Bioinspired Control of Electro-Active Polymers for Next Generation Soft Robots Porrill, J (Professor) University of Sheffield 03/01/2012 02/07/2015 £1,081,051
High Frequency Degenerate Mode Acoustic Sensors Gallacher, BJ (Dr) Newcastle University 01/11/2012 31/10/2015 £777,939
Microdroplet technology - the next stage Abell, C (Professor) University of Cambridge 01/11/2010 30/04/2014 £1,067,243
EPSRC IRC in Early-Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Diseases McKendry, RA (Dr) University College London 01/10/2013 30/09/2018 £11,057,929
Frontier Manufacturing: Scaling up synthetic biology Bradley, DDC (Professor) Imperial College London 01/10/2013 30/09/2018 £5,158,504
Integrated III-V Haemocytometer Smowton, PM (Professor) Cardiff University 01/10/2013 31/03/2017 £688,878
Integrated III-V Haemocytometer Summers, H (Professor) Swansea University 01/10/2013 31/01/2017 £389,457
A Biomimetic Microfluidics Platform for High-Throughput Screening of Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction, with Applications to Atherosclerosis Overby, D (Dr) Imperial College London 01/10/2012 30/09/2014 £100,017
Parallel electrophysiological characterization of sodium channels Morgan, H (Professor) University of Southampton 01/10/2010 30/09/2014 £533,719
LSI Doctoral Training Centres - Doctoral Training Centre in Cell & Proteomic Technologies Cooper, J (Professor) University of Glasgow 01/10/2008 31/03/2018 £4,820,424
LSI Doctoral Training Centres: University of Glasgow Cooper, J (Professor) University of Glasgow 01/10/2007 30/09/2012 £519,381
New nanodevices for force/mass measurements and data storage: design and characterisation Bichoutskaia, E (Dr) University of Nottingham 01/09/2008 31/03/2014 £834,855
Microchemical single droplet reaction analysis by online cavity ring-down spectroscopy Cabral, J (Dr) Imperial College London 01/08/2009 31/01/2013 £174,257
Microfluidic Electrolytic Cells for Routine Synthesis in the Pharmaceutical Industry Brown, RCD (Professor) University of Southampton 01/08/2009 31/07/2012 £380,794
Topological Engineering Translation Grant George, M (Professor) University of Nottingham 01/07/2010 30/06/2014 £237,379
Basic Technology Nanorobotics : Transfer to applications, new science and industry Inkson, B (Professor) University of Sheffield 01/07/2009 30/06/2013 £727,628
Application for Strategic Equipment: Wafer Bonder at LCN Donaldson, N. de N. (Professor) University College London 01/06/2013 31/05/2018 £19,919
UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences (UKCOMES) Luo, KH (Professor) University College London 01/06/2013 31/05/2018 £397,424
Scanning thermal conduction microscopy with dual cantilever resistive probe Weaver, JMR (Professor) University of Glasgow 01/06/2012 31/05/2015 £563,411
Parallel electrophysiological characterization of sodium channels Wallace, BA (Professor) Birkbeck College 01/06/2010 31/05/2014 £478,495
Non-Destructive Nanoscale Resolution using a Carbon Nanotube Scanning Thermal Probe Zeze, DA (Dr) Durham University 01/06/2009 30/11/2012 £413,444
Microbubbles for Hydrophobic Drug Delivery and Enhanced Diagnostics; Towards Personalised Healthcare for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Evans, SD (Professor) University of Leeds 01/04/2013 31/03/2016 £689,430
Topological Engineering Translation Grant Smith, DC (Professor) University of Southampton 01/04/2010 31/03/2014 £674,195
Scottish Manufacturing Institute - Renewal, 2008 - 2013 Jones, JDC (Professor) Heriot-Watt University 01/04/2008 31/03/2013 £7,146,844
Nano-agents for read / write microscopy and nano-macro bridging Clark, M (Professor) University of Nottingham 01/03/2013 28/02/2018 £1,479,543
Manufacturing R&D Facility: Electron Beam Epitaxy Moram, MA (Dr) Imperial College London 01/02/2013 31/01/2017 £61,102