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Recent EPSRC Grants for Energy Storage

Title Principal Investigator Organization Start Date End Date Value
Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage Markides, CN (Dr) Imperial College London 24/09/2012 23/03/2016 £392,208
Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage Bialek, J (Professor) Durham University 24/05/2012 23/11/2015 £113,536
Computer modelling of nano-materials for negative electrodes in Li-ion batteries Alfredsson, LM (Dr) University of Kent 23/09/2010 22/09/2012 £72,490
SUPERGEN - The Energy Storage Consortium: CORE Proposal Islam, MS (Professor) University of Bath 15/02/2010 14/08/2014 £3,404,873
Investigation of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage as part of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Energy Microgrids Yuan, W (Dr) University of Bath 14/07/2013 13/03/2015 £99,066
Battery Characterisation and Management - the key to Smart Grids and the Integration of Electric Vehicles Cruden, A (Professor) University of Southampton 11/07/2013 10/07/2016 £1,338,720
Inverter connected battery technology with advanced fault ride through capability on LV grid system to help offset the need for standby generation Strickland, D (Dr) Aston University 05/10/2010 04/01/2013 £98,154
A high performance energy storage device using novel patented electrode technology. Sivaniah, E (Dr) University of Cambridge 05/07/2012 31/08/2013 £116,467
Developing FUTURE Vehicles (Fundamental Understanding of Technologies for Ultra Reduced Emission Vehicles) Thring, R (Professor) Loughborough University 01/12/2011 30/11/2015 £3,012,029
The Network for the Centres of Doctoral Training (CDTs) in Energy Snape, C (Professor) University of Nottingham 01/11/2011 31/10/2014 £174,749
Multidisciplinary Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy at Durham University Taylor, PC (Professor) Newcastle University 01/11/2009 31/10/2014 £580,004
Knowledge Led Structure Prediction for Nanostructures Carter, A (Dr) University of Edinburgh 01/10/2013 31/03/2015 £101,838
Knowledge Led Structure Prediction for Nanostructures Woodley, SM (Dr) University College London 01/10/2013 30/09/2018 £665,124
Energy Storage Network Brandon, NP (Professor) Imperial College London 01/10/2012 30/09/2015 £493,814
Energy Storage for Low Carbon Grids Strbac, G (Professor) Imperial College London 01/10/2012 30/09/2017 £5,621,017
Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of High-Temperature Thermal Energy Stores For Use with Solar Power Plants Zhao, CY (Dr) University of Warwick 01/10/2008 30/03/2013 £690,060
Materials design with high-throughput computing: metal borides Kolmogorov, A (Dr) University of Oxford 01/10/2008 30/09/2013 £563,535
Integrated, Market-fit and Affordable Grid-scale Energy Storage (IMAGES) Wang, J (Professor) University of Warwick 01/09/2012 31/08/2017 £3,019,070
Platform Grant Renewal - Materials for Lithium Batteries Bruce, P (Professor) University of St Andrews 01/09/2011 31/08/2016 £1,127,916
Crossing Boundaries in Energy Storage Bruce, P (Professor) University of St Andrews 01/08/2011 31/07/2015 £3,039,217
EPSRC - Energy Research Senior Fellow Brandon, NP (Professor) Imperial College London 01/08/2006 31/07/2014 £1,029,817
Intelligent Grid Interfaced Vehicle Eco-charging (iGIVE) Li, K (Professor) Queen's University of Belfast 01/07/2013 30/06/2016 £855,111
SPECIFIC Tranche 1: Buildings as Power Stations Worsley, DA (Professor) Swansea University 01/07/2012 30/06/2016 £2,791,868
SPECIFIC Tranche 2: Heat, Water, PV and Bio-inspiration Worsley, DA (Professor) Swansea University 01/06/2013 31/05/2016 £1,626,979
Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage White, AJ (Dr) University of Cambridge 01/06/2012 30/11/2015 £318,325
Building Global Engagements at the University of Nottingham Ennew, CT (Professor) University of Nottingham 01/04/2012 31/03/2013 £499,008
Electrochemical Energy Storage with Graphene-Enabled Materials Dryfe, RAW (Professor) The University of Manchester 01/02/2013 31/01/2018 £2,190,025
Reliable and Efficient System for Community Energy Solution- RESCUES Pal, B (Professor) Imperial College London 01/01/2014 31/12/2016 £955,093
High Energy And Power Density (HEAPD) Solutions to Large Energy Deficits Li, F (Professor) University of Bath 01/01/2014 31/12/2016 £1,005,833
Intelligent MicroGrids with Appropriate Storage for Energy (IMASE) Walker, GS (Professor) University of Nottingham 01/01/2014 31/12/2016 £710,708
An Opportunity for MgB2 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Young, EA (Dr) University of Southampton 01/01/2011 30/06/2013 £101,837