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NEMODE Community Meeting

Significant themes for NEMODE research, 1-2 July 2013, London School of Economics

London, July 2013

Grouped NEMODE Themes

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Red Group: Big and Open Data

Research Question #1:

What is the value to the UK of open data?
• Value and benefits in terms of economic, social, political and environmental dimensions
• Issues, tensions, and challenges for the nation, organisations and citizens

Research Question #2:

What skills and capabilities do UK organisations need to create value from 'big data'?
• Value of impact on: UK organisations and their business models; creation of new and skilled jobs (e.g., data scientist); and the competitiveness of the UK economy
• Scope includes all stages of big data management, e.g., data collection, data analysis, using big data for business operations, using big data in strategic decision-making..
• Implications for training, education, and policy

Research Question #3:

What are the opportunities and ethical challenges for randomised controlled experiments (RCTs) around 'big data'?
• We predict that public and private sector organisations will make greater use of big data to run RCTs to test business and public sector offerings
• Although RCTs are a powerful way of getting evidence about what works they also raise ethical concerns: firstly, about the conduct of the RCT itself, and secondly, about how RCT data is used to guide business and policy decisions

Raconteur Name:
Richard Vidgen

Group Members:
Richard Vidgen
Hasan Bakhshi
Maureen Meadows
Nina Marshall
Carla Bonina

* Note to members: Please email us if you would like your details updated (see contact page).

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