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NEMODE Community Meeting

Significant themes for NEMODE research, 1-2 July 2013, London School of Economics

London, July 2013

Grouped NEMODE Themes

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Purple Group 1: New Business Models

Research Question #1:

How can we create a taxonomy that evolves as a dynamic tool to help shaping new business models?

Research Question #2:

How can we evaluate (in quantitative and qualitative terms) the sustainability of a new business model?

Research Question #3:

How can we define corporate governance (and required skills and capabilities) that facilitates and supports the developing digital economy?

Raconteur Name:
Luciano Batista

Group Members:
Luciano Batista
Letizia Mortara
Angel Salazar
Don Mcintyre
Phil Godsiff

Purple Group 2: New Business Models

Research Question #1:

Institutions: How are institutions and institutionalisation enabling or constraining business models
     a. Standards? Political / economic…

Research Question #2:

Growth: Business models for growth in the digital economy. How do we amplify business models to generate and consolidate growth, and is it possible to do so – for the UK?
     a. Convert into growth – jobs, more companies.
     b. Competitiveness and open source?
     c. Beyond SME -> to large business. Business models over the valley of death.

Research Question #3:

Forms of open collaboration – might be taxonomy?: What kinds of collaborations between which players drive what kind of business models?
     a. In open innovation collaborations…
     b. What are the dimensions of ecogenesis (© Andy Smart) in digitally driven business models?
     c. Adaptation – pearson … gone to dealing with the information.

Research Question #4:

Design and research methods: what are the research methods to develop new business models for creative & digital industries which are cross-cultural.
     a. Including evaluating old models in a new context.

Raconteur Name:
Benjamin Reid

Group Members:
Benjamin Reid
Lorraine Warren
Patrik Kärrberg
Patrick Stacey
David Wong
Arthi Manohar
Andi Smart
David Reynolds

* Note to members: Please email us if you would like your details updated (see contact page).

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