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NEMODE Community Meeting

Significant themes for NEMODE research, 1-2 July 2013, London School of Economics

London, July 2013

Grouped NEMODE Themes

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Orange Group: Resilience in the Built Environment

Research Question #1:

The role of digital economy in building security -at every level- encompassing environmental-social-economic systems.
How to design socio-technical systems for integrated social and economic activity using multiple feedback mechanisms? Taking into account possible human errors through development of mechanisms where no error becomes catastrophic.

Research Question #2:

Investigating the role of digital economy in building new supply chains with a thinking that expands beyond demand, availability and affordability? Balancing the agendas of energy, ecology, environment and moral purchasing as well as socio-economic implications.2

Research Question #3:

Connecting the dots between cash strapped cities and the innovation they need to implement sustainability both economic and environmental.

Raconteur Name:
Yonca Ersen

Group Members:
Yonca Ersen
Catherine Mulligan

* Note to members: Please email us if you would like your details updated (see contact page).

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