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NEMODE Community Meeting

Significant themes for NEMODE research, 1-2 July 2013, London School of Economics

London, July 2013

Grouped NEMODE Themes

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Blue Group: Privacy, Trust, Security

Research Question #1:

What should be the regulatory practices for making the distinction in working practices for data, metadata, and privacy?
• Societal effect: Trust, awareness, social practice
• Business Practices: When, what, who and where data and metadata are stored and mined
• Design/Innovation: Designing for privacy

Research Question #2:

Privacy and big data
1. How can we preserve/protect user’s privacy while sharing information to understand energy consumption patterns/demand to for energy sustainability?
2. How can we mine and exploit the digital data generated to better manage and make informed decisions and operate assets over the lifecycle? (design and construction process)

Research Question #3:

As cloud-centric computing continues to grow, how do create privacy preserving Clouds?
• What is the PGP of clouds, homomorphic encryption [TECHNICAL CHALLENGE]
• Potential for the individual as resource integrator [ECONOMIC]
• Business models and cultural changes
• misuse of information for sale, carbon footprint of data centers, privacy vs convenience [SOCIAL]

Raconteur Name:
Gerard Briscoe

Group Members:
Gerard Briscoe
Sunila Lobo
Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

* Note to members: Please email us if you would like your details updated (see contact page).

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