Research Perspectives - Tools for Visualisation of Portfolios
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About Research Perspective

This is the website for the EPSRC funded ICT Perspectives Network EP/I038845/1.

This project will provide new ways of visualising the structure of existing research portfolios (e.g. EPSRC, BBSRC, FP7 and NSF). It is funded by EPSRC’s ICT programme and therefore focuses particularly on networking and visualisation of this portfolio. The project is divided into two main stages: the first will develop new ‘Perspectives’ (visualisations) on current portfolios, the second will use workshops to kick-start the use of these Perspectives for networking purposes.

Steering Committee

Prof. Ian Henning University of Essex

Prof. Mark Beach University of Bristol
Prof. Muffy Calder University of Glasgow
Dr. Marina Bloj University of Bradford
Prof. Gerald Buller Heriot - Watt University
Prof. Bernd Carsten Stahl De Montfort University
Prof. Mike Chantler Heriot - Watt University
Prof. Carole Goble The University of Manchester
Prof. Ian Horrocks University of Oxford
Prof. Kevin Jones City University London
Prof. Nick Kingsbury University of Cambridge
Prof. Anthony O’Neil Newcastle University
Prof. Dave Robertson The University of Edinburgh
Prof. Alwyn Seeds University College London
Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou University of Bristol

Open Sources and Data

More information about our data sources and information.

Data Details Link
EPSRC Database supplied by EPSRC, updated monthly.
RCUK Database gathered from GTR: Gateway to Research Open API. Last snapshot of database March 2013.
FP7 European grants database provided from Cordis for research use on ResearchPerspectives, snapshot September 2013.
NSF Open database from the National Science Foundation, fiscal year update.